Friday, June 5, 2009

WARNING: Nakedness and Skivvies!

I watched Alex Tues. and Wed. as Maria was at a conference in Lincoln and the kids had a blast. They play SOOOO well together. We had zero fights and the occasional, "Momma he stole me toy, can I have it back?" How sweet is that!! Maria stayed for dinner Tues. night and the kids decided it was NAKED TIME or Alex calls is Nake and Adrienne called it NaKED! 

Oh man these are awesome! 
Could my kids be any cuter,  I don't think so! Even with dinner still on their faces :-)
Big brown eyes...he's so much fun and such a good kid!
So we might be planning their wedding, is that a bad thing? They love each other and follow each other everywhere. It's soo cute!

Everytime we wanted to get them all together Caleb would put his arm around Adrienne..ah!

Then it was time to jump to Maria. Poor Maria had to catch my two lugs compared to little A. They did not want to stop!

I think they had fun don't you!
Maria loves my kiddies :-) and we LOVE her!

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Kelly and Kelly said...

for some reason I didn't know you have a family blog - I love it! The kids look like they are having *so* much fun!!