Thursday, July 23, 2009

4 beautiful years :-)

I have absolutely ZERO pics of my husband and I, very sad! So because he's such an amazing dad, I'll post him with the kiddies on our June trip to Boji. I love both of these!!

4 years ago today, we sweat our faces off and danced till we couldn't walk anymore. Besides the 105 degrees, it was absolutely PERFECT and it really was a testament to how our life would be!!! It's been CRAZY PERFECT but that's how we like it! I love you honey, more every day! Thank you for this PERFECT life, I wouldn't change a thing :-) LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!

hoping i see you around soon....

Anonymous said...

poo! I missed your anniversary!
I remember walking into your reception thinking I just walked into a fairy tale... it was SOOOO beautiful! I can't believe it's been 4 years... you've crammed 10 years of living into it!!!
Congratulations on a wonderful marriage and beautiful family!

iamtheary said...

isnt love beautiful? especially when you marry the right man that fits your heart. happy anniversary and more to come.