Friday, July 3, 2009

The best place on earth :-)

I thought I'd start of with a laugh HAHA!! Caleb is apparently still losing his baby fat and many of his shorts are falling off, oh man...good stuff!

Beware bloggers color is icky because these were all taken with my new amazing lens and they ROCK! 

We had a first trip to Boji for the summer and the kids at a blast. So much more fun than last year (last year Adrienne was still a cranky pants!) It did rain a few times while we were there but the nice days we did have were so much fun! Adrienne is going to be our little fish, while Caleb is just content sitting on the sand!

Because chunky babies are my favorite :-)

This was totally staged but seriously soo cute! I love sandy butts!
Adrienne spent most of her time in this tube. Once she figured it out she thought she was hot stuff. Take note the "I'm too cool to look at the camera" face!
If only we were all so brave to show our chunks! You go girl :-) 
Caleb show us his stuff. He is getting so skinny and old, crazy!
This was his face most of the time. It was very cold so he wasn't as much into it as Adrienne!
We'll be going back up in a couple weeks...yippee!


Jsharpnack said...

poor caleb was freezen to death because he doesn't have any meat on those bones anymore, he's getting so tall too!

smgoergen said...

I do love your world! Those pics are so beautifully fun!!!

iamtheary said...

i hope you and your family are enjoying the summer....