Thursday, September 3, 2009

Overdue posts....

With both of our businesses in peak season, we are ridiculously busy. Posting even on my work blog is very hard. So today as we all lay on the couch with fevers(mine hopefully receding, but poor Caleb is very sick still!) I thought I'd punch out a large post! Hope you enjoy how adorable and old my littles are them soo much!

I few weeks ago my aunt and uncle and cousins were driving through town to drop my cousin off at Valpo for college. So we were able to hang out twice and the kids had a blast. Loved reading with Nicole!! Adrienne was doing some dramatic reading here...she likes to read books by herself now outloud and they are so funny. She even bounces her head and uses her hands. Theater here we come!

Nicole and Caleb reading :-)
GREAT uncle Jeff and Caleb giving high 5's
Loungin' in Shelley's new chairs...Caleb is getting really tall and skinny. All his shorts fall off of him :-) He's definitely had a growth spurt this week as he can't stop eatting!!!
My little bro turned 17 in Aug. and they came down to Omaha for the day. This was taken after his birthday lunch at Rivera's (YUMMO!!). Isn't he just a doll! LOVE  YOU JOE!!
A very long time ago, TJ's first cousin Jessica and her daughter MacKinsey came into town. Adrienne and MacKinsey are only 6 days apart and had never met, they had so much fun together!!

HOLY EYES!!!!!!!

Yes these are bubbles all over her face, I'm pretty sure she burbed bubbles for day!
My princess, she was actually posing for me and I love it!
Great Uncle Jerry got the roll of bubble blower and boy was he good. He had the kids running all over the yard!
Caleb got the hang of it much better than the girls!
Back in Sioux City for some work, the kids both got a ride on Gramps new lawn mower.

Durham Museum....I wish we would have gone here sooner cause the kids were in love. All those trains made Caleb kookoo! But I got an all year pass so hopefully once we are all feeling well we'll head there next week. I'm hoping they get a new exhibit soon too. 

The train went "Choo choo" and Adrienne went "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
They have a great exhibit there called "Moneyville", it's a little old for hte kids but we got to make money with their pictures on it and take it home and Caleb LOVED this game and actually figured it out. Crazy!! He's soo smart!
Adrienne weighed some blocks for about 2 secs. and then she was off to the next thing.
This was the first day I got my new lens, 85mm 1.2....awesome!!! I took the kids outside and followed them around. Isn't it creamy??? Adrienne looks so old in this pic, she turns two in a little over a week, I can't believe it. Oh wait yes I can, her tantrums are monstrous!!!!!!! Needless to say she's hit the terrible and she's in the corner ALOT!
My sweet boy...the other day we made a quick drive to the post office and on our way home, I told them we were going for a walk in the stroller (not Caleb's favorite thing to do anymore now that's he's older, but I wanted to get some exercise in and this is the only way I can do it anymore), he threw a fit so I told him sometimes we have to do things we don't want to and it's ok. He threw a fit until we got down the hill and around the corner and he turned around and said "Mommy I'm sorry I said I didn't want to go, I'm having a really good time." CUTE!!! He's definitely growing up, we of course have our moments but what a sweet boy!!