Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New book...learning and helping...

Since starting a new book in my mom's group, "How to Raise Good Catholic Children", we've(meaning the kids and I) been having some super great conversations. I really like the book and hoping I can incorporate more and more everyday. They really are so eager to learn and absorb so much so well that I know it's perfect timing. I'm hoping it also gets us over the terrible twos and threes :-) It's totally crazy to me how much they already know about Jesus, Mary and Joseph and God. Adrienne particularly likes Mary and talks about her alot. We have a great Christmas story book by Gloria Gather that she really likes. Caleb's is definitely more indepth. Working with "would Jesus want us to act this way?" during our trying times. Caleb gave Adrienne a hug this morning and said "I love you and Jesus loves you too!" Oh bless his heart! I know it's helping us and can't wait to keep working it.

A hint of Nov...

Still need to hash through all the Halloween/Pumpkin patch pics but before that a few super cute ones from all this playing outside last week. I have so many pics of Caleb in the backyard...it's so crazy how each on he gets bigger and bigger!

I never taken pics with the kids mainly because I never had a wide angle camera since I'm normally with them alone. So taking advantage of having a wide angle point and shoot has been great! I love these next two!

We did this for days, except next year I think the kids need to learn to rake :-) and we need to get a big play set :-)

My favorite quote thus far.......

Kids were playing hide and seek outside....

Caleb: (pulling Adrienne's arm) "You hide right here and I'm going to go count to 1o and come find you!"

We have a large pile of stones from when my hubs took out the above ground pool that just sit on our porch (insert frown face!). So he put her on one side and then went around to the other side to count and he would run around say "I found you!" and they were scream and giggle uncontrollably. It was hilarious!

Halloween pics and November to come....I'm getting there!!

October 2009

October was beautiful so we had tons of outdoor play which my kids definitely NEED now. I also purchased a point and shoot so these pictures will not be superb quality, but needless to say I am taking a lot of pics of the kids now that I don't have to lug around my big fat camera. Enjoy!

My cousin Lisa was in town for a few days so we met her and Shel for lunch and had a great time. Both the kids immediately loved her and while looking at these pictures today Caleb said, "is that Lisa? I love her name!" He's so cute!

I wish they were like this all the time!

This has become more regular, they love wrestling, chasing each other, tackling each other. I have a feeling it will be sooner than later we will have a broken bone :-(
Children's Museum w/ Shel

Carousel...yes I would love to! This is Adrienne and Alowicious(I have no idea how to spell it!) who loves the fishes... Caleb road on a cat (pic wouldn't upload) and it didn't have a name so he had to name it and he named it Pluto...perfect don't you think!

They had masks to make for all the kids...so fun!

Adrienne loved the swings, poor Shel!

Horse rides anyone, I just love that they are ALL looking and ALL smiling!

Carousel anyone...I think I will!
The kids just love the petting zoo, I do not care for the smell afterwards and the poop in our shoes :-(

Seriously great image for a point and shoot :-) love it!
The kids love how close you can get to the ducks and the little fishes in there.
This crab was looking right at us and waving it's claws, needless to say Caleb had a hard time leaving his buddy!
We loved that the turtle came up to say high, he is so big!
If only they were smiling at me or even looking at me!

Reading time before bed....I love <3 this pic!
and this one! Reading a toys magazine...getting very excited for Christmas!
Fr. Walter stopped by and the kids just loved him to pieces. It's been a very long time since we've seen him, he's since moved to Creighton, NE. I just love this pic....all big smiles and hugs!

It took Adrienne a good 20 mins. to get used to Fr. but then she was ALL OVER HIM...thank goodness Fr. loves kids!
Drawing on the doodlepro...It was nice to not have to draw for awhile. Those kids love those things!
Dancing away!
Have I told you my best friend moved back??? YEAH!! I can't even tell you how excited I am. It's been over 3 years she's been gone and we are all excited to have her and her hubby back. Makes for lots more girls nights out and double dates :-) Here she is with her mom, Sue (which is my mom's best friend).

We love puzzles, it's one of the few things that keeps Adrienne occupied for awhile.
One of the many Shelley visits!
We went to Target and got all ready for winter (in anticipation of the first snow). Although it did snow 6 inches here, the kids were in SC with Gma and Gpa and totally missed out :-( Caleb asked almost everyday if it's going to snow. Looks like I know what we'll be doing all winter!!
Park, park, park! Hefflinger Park that is....

With all the 60 degree days we had in Oct. we hit the park hard. It's still crazy trying to chase two of them down or push one on the swing while the other one wants you to go down the slide with them. So I'm more warn out then they are most days. Adrienne just loves to swing and swing and swing.
This time Alex and Maria met us. Adrienne loves her Maria!
Big boy Alex :-)

What a cutie!
Joe's Confirmation-Sioux City, IA

My little bro, Joe, was confirmed, so we went back home to celebrate. That night both my brothers walked down with the exact same coat on (and no they had no idea they both had it!).
Wow, I continue to get shorter and shorter and I have a feeling it isn't over yet!
Uncle Brady
Grandma Sherri
Another park date! THis was our first attempt at the swing and it was hard and they didn't really like it.

I love this!

Grandma and her little princess....after a fun filled morning of hanging with Grandma while mommy worked.
Alex came over for a fun night of playing. The kids laughed so hard!!
New monster halloween pj's!
Oh Adrienne I can hear your little heart beating, she loves her Alex!
Making home made pizza...well as home made as we're going to get! And eating a few pep's along the way!
New digs that they got to pick out....you know the light up ones...yep and they still think they are the coolest things under the sun!

Down to walk around the pond.....

I will be trying this with my good camera and clean clothes becuase I love it so!