Tuesday, November 17, 2009

August 2009

I know, my posts have been sparse, sorry!! Hoping to get all caught up this week!

Not great quality but such an Adrienne face!

Laying on the bed in Okoboji....sadly this is the only pic from Okoboji. We only had one beach day and I didn't bring my camera.
In Minneapolis at Lego Land. Lego Land=Love!

Waiting in line for Blues Clues ride!

He wouldn't look at me :-(
The kids love carousels, luckily the zoo and the children's museum have them here in town :-) Needless to say, we've already been there!
The Adrienne Face!
I call her Pippy because when TJ does her hair he puts the pony's way to the sides and they stick straight out, I just love it!
He looks so darn old!
Adrienne eating her first whole piece of pizza. I know you're thinking why haven't you given her a whole piece of pizza, because she's the messiest eater in the world and eating with a fork just proves to me less messy. But this officially began her facination with eating everything whole!
Our church picnic was the day after we got back from our vaca. The kids had a blast riding the rides and seeing all their friends!

Our friend Issac and Jacob (way to the left). Issac is just a hoot!
Snow cones and ice cream with friends is the best! Alex is 4 months younger than Adrienne, haha!
Bath time!!!!!

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