Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New book...learning and helping...

Since starting a new book in my mom's group, "How to Raise Good Catholic Children", we've(meaning the kids and I) been having some super great conversations. I really like the book and hoping I can incorporate more and more everyday. They really are so eager to learn and absorb so much so well that I know it's perfect timing. I'm hoping it also gets us over the terrible twos and threes :-) It's totally crazy to me how much they already know about Jesus, Mary and Joseph and God. Adrienne particularly likes Mary and talks about her alot. We have a great Christmas story book by Gloria Gather that she really likes. Caleb's is definitely more indepth. Working with "would Jesus want us to act this way?" during our trying times. Caleb gave Adrienne a hug this morning and said "I love you and Jesus loves you too!" Oh bless his heart! I know it's helping us and can't wait to keep working it.

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