Tuesday, November 17, 2009

September 2009

Adrienne turned 2 on Sept. 14...YEAH!! I still can't believe it, or maybe I can't believe I'm not pregnant again haha! There were actually two parties in one day for her so she was wiped by the end of the day, my fam and a few friends came over in the morning and then TJs side of the family had a big birthday bash for that whole side of the family. It was super fun!

She got tons of fun things, here is her fancy nancy tutu and heels, princess books, tons of clothes and a kitchen!

Excited to open her new kitchen!
This is how she did 2 for the longest time, crossing her fingers, so funny!

Dumb and Dumber anyone....my kids hair grows way too fast!

The new kitchen in the kitchen!
Yes they are cute, but that's about it!
I took the kids to the zoo the next day and Adrienne found her hamster things she loves. No really she LOVES them! We go back and back to check on them!
She wanted a picture with the elephant!
You'll remember a picture very similar to this...he loves these games!

We now have to go see Dorie everytime and Caleb will be out which one is REALLY her!
I love this <3
My favorite now is the butterfly exhibit...I had a few seconds to snap a couple good ones!

Caleb loves the Tarantulas because of a bug book we have, I DO NOT like the tarantula's!

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