Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in Sioux City

These are from yesterday all the way back til last Wed, I know their backwards :-( Anyway, the kids got a really cool veterinary kit from Santa and this is Dr. Ernst.

The kids decided that getting in the Lego box would be fun and it was quite hysterical. Caleb actually went first and got in all by himself, you'll see below. So funny!

I <3>
Daddy got right to his Wii perfecting when we got home.
Building their new Lego Duplo Fire Station....HUGE hit!
On our way home from Sioux City on Sunday afternoon, we didn't leave til 3:45 and by that time Adrienne was wiped! She fell asleep just outside Sioux City and looked just like mommy when she slept :-)
Getting some good pics of the kids with Uncle Joe....they just love him!

Grandma's little mini-me. My mom spoils her and so she hangs on her the entire time we are there! "Grandma do it!"I really didn't do a dang this while I was there because neither of my kids wanted me to. It was nice!
I love this one! Gma and Gpa love their kiddies!
We can't go this high in our house, she was giggling like crazy :-)
So this big story of Christmas was obviously the ridiculous blizzard of 2009. We headed up for Sioux City on Wed. during the really icy rainy part, not fun. But we made it in 2 hours and then were stuck inside until Sat. Sioux City got 22 inches but on top of that 50 mph winds. The drifts were insane and the 22 inches is just way too much snow!! On Sat. after the wind died down a bit, Adrienne wanted to get out in the snow for her first time, who knew her first time would be 22 inches! I went out for little bit too, it was cold!
The 12 ft. drift on the side of my parents house. the night before the guys were sliding down it. This was the 3rd or 4th time my dad was out snowblowing trying to get through a little bit of it so Joe could park in the driveway.
Next to the big drift!

On top of the snow at the end of the driveway, she slid down and thought it was soo cool!
Walking on the just snow blowed sidewalk, crazy how high the snow is.
We watched Polar Express on the big screen in my parents basement and everytime we watch it, Caleb puts his hands on his ears but doesn't take his eyes off the movie and he will tell you he loves the movie. I don't get it!
Adrienne got some super cute clothes from Gap Outlet, our favorite store!!! She was being super silly and posing for me!

What a ham!

This is my parents Christmas gift. My mom want BIG pictures for the walls, so I FINALLY got them for her, only 9 months late. These are 16x20 float wraps. The photo is wrapped around a foam board and then glued to a standout board, so they stand out against the way, sooo cool! This isn't where I thought she'd put them but we all agree it looks pretty darn cool! Now I just have to order them for myself! Grandma Hills got smaller ones of ALL 4 grandkids and she loves them :-) Will post a pic once she gets them up!

My mom getting her new camera (the same as my point and shoot!) I think she's excited!
Opening presents, I didn't take pics of the basement which I should have UGGHHH!! So this pic shows you when you walk down the stairs on the left, wide door is storage, then to the right on the wood floor is the workout stuff, ping pong table and bar is just in front of the table.
Caleb getting into his stocking!
The boys ready for Christmas Eve mass....we lost power 7 times on Christmas eve. The last time lasting 2 hours. It was kind of annoying. We ate dinner by candlelight which Caleb thought rocked! Thankfully when it came back on at 12:30 it stayed on the rest of the weekend...PRAISE THE LORD!
The kids sitting next to their plate for Santa and his reindeer. 2 cookies, 4 carrots and a glass of milk. Santa was hungry they were all gone when we got up!
Ping pong tournament...this was the first game, but Brady ended up winning!
So I tell people all the time she looks just like my mom and either they don't know my mom or they politely agree but don't really think so. Now if this picture doesn't prove my point I don't know what will. They were singing a song together..there hair even parts exactly the same!!!!
Auntie Brooke playing legos with the kiddies.
We had a great time, even though we were all cooped up. We got out to the mall on Sat. finally getting out and about and the kids had a blast running around and playing in the kids play area. Caleb told Grandma on Sunday that he wanted to live there ha! They really do love it up there!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rossiter Family Christmas Dec. 20

We celebrated the Rossiter Family Christmas the weekend before Christmas. Here are a few of the kids that night being silly!

Caleb's new thing, fake sleeping. It's hilarious. He'll walk up the stairs, brush his teeth, go potty, and go to bed all while "fake sleeping". He is so funny!

My mom has the most beautiful tree. So while the kids were messing around I used my macro on my point and shoot to capture some of the ornaments and I loved this one. The macro on my camera (for a point and shoot anyway) is awesome!

John and Dee from Aurora, MN!!! love them!
My cousin Elliott and his adroable girlfriend Katie!
The guys, I absolutely love this picture, just wish TJ was in it!
Me and my love, not so newlyweds!
The newlyweds!
My cousin Michelle, her little one Emma and Caleb reading a story
Grandpa and his new Heelan gear, seemed to be the theme for Christmas gifts this year!
Caleb's new shirt!
Adrienne got a doodlepro which is a HUGE hit. We've had the small ones forever that the kids just love but this new one, it amazing!
Caleb and cousin Karigan!

In this pic I realized we have the exact same eye color but then I went and converted it to BW silly! I love it thou! Love you Joe!

The treat table, I couldn't even get it all in my frame!!!!!
Miss Emma is 6 days younger than Adrienne. I really enjoyed hanging out with her, she really developed the cutest personality.
Daddy and his little mini me!