Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advent is here!

Yeah...I've been anxiously awaiting it this year as the kids are older and can do more things. So I planned an activity everyday. Although small and sometimes not religion based, it's been a lot of fun. I made a super inexpensive advent calendar for the kids, but crazy enough haven't taken a pic of it yet. I will do that and post more about it. They have a word card of the day and normally their activity is based off this but not always, which a small candy treat. Here they are making paper plate angels.

Caleb, mine, and Adirenne's...not that you couldn't tell that already!

She was very proud of her Angel :-)
Reading an angel book, Great Aunt Mary gave the kids a year or so ago. It has a CD to go with it so we listened to it several times that day. I try to only bring it out once in awhile because they totally get obsessed with it (just like all our other books on CD). So we hadn't listened to it in forever! Super cute book!
Finally decorated that night. TJ got the flu over Thanksgiving weekend, very bad I might add, so we had to wait til he recovered. This is a wreath that my mom maid when we were little with all sorts of our old ornaments on it. I LOVE IT and hang it every year! Although it is small for the space :-( Maybe I'll have to make a bigger one!! The kids got to help me put our little manger up. They love it, I need to get a play one though and a larger one for the house too.
Our very bare Christmas tree....its' screaming "cover me up!"
I combined two of our words of hte day "donkey" and "evergreen" and they got to glue this picture together. I cut all the pieces out and the glued them on. Did really well for their ages I would say. Caleb's trying to get the hang of cutting, crazy how hard that is to master!
On Sat. Dec. 5th we did some St. Nicholas activities, read a story and then put this paper puzzle together that I got off the internet. Which was a huge hit and they both did awesome! Here Caleb is putting it together!
Adrienne needed a little guidance but surprisingly did great. Here she is figuring out her last two pieces.
Who knew gluing was so fun??? Caleb asked if there was anything else he could glue!

All finished on the fridge :-)
Shoes outside their doors....we couldnt' decide if we wanted them outside our bedroom door, or inside the front door, so the kids choose this, which was fine with me.
St. Nicholas brought them a Christmas book, a toy animal and a candy cane.

Unfortunately, I started potty training the next day, so our activities have been shorter and very little pictures but I think this week will be better, now that she's doing so good and we aren't stuck in the house!

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