Monday, December 14, 2009


Ok Mommies out there...I need some help!

I started potty training Adrienne last monday. She's done exceptionally well with #1. Had 4 accidents in 8 days and only wet one night. #2 on the other hand has been horrible. She absolutely refuses. She will hold it in for days and then finally will let it out in her underwear. This is very unlike her. My kids gets tons of fiber during the day and go 2-3 times a day, #2 that is. So for her not to go for days is really hard on her. She's now constipated, so when she does go she has a hard time and she's overly cranky (I mean we all get that way when we're constipated!). Over and beyond the regular fiber she gets, I've been giving her prune juice and raisens every day, sometimes a couple times a day.

Normally I would say she's not ready and go back to diapers, but how fast she #1 trained, I can't possibly go back. She's technically fully #1 trained. She even tells me when she needs to go.

We give a candy reward, 1 skittle for potty, 1 for poopy. This totally worked for the potty. She's still ecstatic she gets a skittle. We also give kisses and hugs and sing and dance. Even for #1! We did the same with Caleb, but he can't hold a poop in that long, so after a week he finally made it to the toilet.

I resorted in large brides because she's so cranky! I've bribed with everything, suckers, movies, ice cream, a new baby doll, go to the zoo. Nothing works, she could care less.

So any advice, help, ANYTHING, would help! Do I need to give even more fiber to were she can't possibly hold it in? Is there a bride that worked for you? I would like to get over this hump sooner than later. So we are all happier and feel better!

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Jennifer Carey said...

Hi Lindsay,
Here is my suggestion, hope it helps you. We used Miralax every day, mixed in a drink and it was the ONLY thing that helped my daughter feel better. We were trying prune juice, raisins, milk of magnesia, mineral oil, etc. It was RX only but now is available over the counter, I believe. Wish I had tried it earlier. Check with your pediatrician too, but hope this helps.