Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Advent and the Durham!

We went to Durham a week and half ago to see Santa and their gorgeous tree. A really nice daddy (he had 3 kids in tow!) asked if he could take this for us and I am soooo grateful. We never get family pics together and it turned out great!!! So THANK YOU DADDY WITH 3 KIDS IN TOW!! I love it!

Look who we ran into!! Cousin Syd and the in laws...so fun!!
Adrienne and her daughter Salem....so seriously Adrienne takes on all responsibility once Salem arrives. I love this pic!
Laying on the big pencil in the Omaha Public Schools exhibit, Dad liked looking at his alma mater's information, Central High.
The kids and I in a very large indian hut/teepee. It was super cool!
This is probably the only pic I think we actually look alike. And I LOVE IT! This is in the really fancy train car, that mommy wanted to live in!

So we didn't know what to expect with meeting santa. I didnt know if it was a big production with a professional photographer or not. So I just brought my little point and shoot and hoped for one good picture of them. It was super laid back which was probably good for Miss Adrienne. As you can see here, she did not like it and was shaking mad when she went up to him. She did like Mrs. Clause and told her she wanted a baby. And if your little baby doll baby you are wrong, she was a REAL baby in mommy's tummy ha! Wishful thinking Adrienne!
Caleb did great and really liked him!
The tree is phenomenal!!! I wish I would have gotten better pictures of it.
I did lots of cookie dough making and baking. These were for our friend's, Jen and Thuc's, "SanThuc" Christmas party. We had a blast but I didn't bring my camera so no pics from that but I do have pics of my delicious cookies. These are MINT chocolate chip, a slight variation to my ever popular chocolate chip and they are TOO DIE FOR!!!!! Luckily the hubby bought my several bags of the mints so I can make them all year :-) I am seriously considering undertaking a third business (which really is just insane!) but the amount of people asking me for these is crazy! I've stopped giving out the recipe because I get more complaints about how they don't turn out the way I make them :-)
I did a variation of my peanut butter too. Although my hubby and I don't prefer these, it's more of a Christmas thing so I thought I'd try it!
I don't htink I had posted a pic of Adrienne on the pot, so here it is!!!!!!! We are not using the little one anymore because she would rather sit on the big girl toilet which is great. But we had to result in pull-ups for #2 because she's deathly afraid of doing it on the toilet. Once we finally get her regulated and feeling back to herself we'll try the toilet again. For now she'll let us know when she needs to do #2 and we'll get a pull-up on her. #1 is completely mastered. Hasn't had on accident since the first week, nor has she wet the bed since the first night. So happy for that! Time will tell with # 2!
Another one of our Advent activities was having the kids make Christmas cards for THEIR friends. I bought a foam card pack at Target for $4.99. It had 25 cards and tons of snowman/snowflakes/letters to attach to the cards. SOOOO CUTE! They absolutely loved it. I got them started and once they figured out how to pull the backing off they were on a roll. The literally did it an entire morning and Caleb actually worked on them the following morning as well. I let the kids pick who they wanted to send them to which was pretty cute. So if you didn't get one don't feel bad, they went to people we haven't seen in years to their best friend Alex. Some very random but sooo cute they thought of them!

These adorable Christmas shirts are from Auntie Maria....my kids adore her and she is so sweet for bringing them over, we now where them all the time!
Cup of letters!
Caleb actually made this one for Chad, which made me laugh, sorry Chad!

Maria also brought over Candyland which is now Caleb's favorite thing to do!!!! Here he is winning!
Caleb and daddy love to play it together, Adrienne likes to be a bugger (and this is why it's hard playing games with her around!)

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The Kruse's said...

We love you guys...thanks so much for the wonderful Christmas cards...all 3 of the them are hanging on Alex's bedroom door. He is pretty proud of them and shows them to everyone who comes over...he thinks they are all for him!! Glad the kiddos love their shirts...Alex loves his James video..how did you know!!!??! Love you guys...Autie Maria