Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pooley's 2009

Feeling horrible that I am just getting this up now that it's almost Christmas. Boy oh boy! Anyways, our 3rd annual trip to Pooley's in Bennington was wonderful! Grandma Sherri got to come because she was in town for the weekend which always makes it so much more fun! This is her second time with us!

Caleb still loved the chickens, but declined to ask them how they were doing this year haha!
The chicks are ALWAYS our favorite. Both of the kids held one, even though they jumped out within seconds. They just loved them!

I'm not sure if it was because we went so late this year or because they made it for really little kids or my kids are getting soooo big, but the maze was not to be desired this year. So short, my kids lasted 2.2 seconds in it. They did like watching all the little kids get stuck though!
Oh man, I love them....only Grandma and dad can get smiles like this!

I was buying pony tickets and didn't know about this picture til I downloaded it...too funny!
This is also a favorite. Caleb rode last year and loved it and remembered it well. He was very excited to ride and rode all by himself!
Adrienne was equally excited, our little no fear girl! Dad did walk with her because her poor short legs don't exactly help for staying on a horsy very well. She did awesome and gave us some super cute faces!
Grandma helped Adrienne pick out her green pumpkin :-) I am so not surprised!
Dad and Caleb went on their way to find the perfect pumpkin and let me tell you it was the most beautiful little pumpkin I've ever seen and again I am not surprised!
A super fun day at the pumpkin patch!

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