Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rossiter Family Christmas Dec. 20

We celebrated the Rossiter Family Christmas the weekend before Christmas. Here are a few of the kids that night being silly!

Caleb's new thing, fake sleeping. It's hilarious. He'll walk up the stairs, brush his teeth, go potty, and go to bed all while "fake sleeping". He is so funny!

My mom has the most beautiful tree. So while the kids were messing around I used my macro on my point and shoot to capture some of the ornaments and I loved this one. The macro on my camera (for a point and shoot anyway) is awesome!

John and Dee from Aurora, MN!!! love them!
My cousin Elliott and his adroable girlfriend Katie!
The guys, I absolutely love this picture, just wish TJ was in it!
Me and my love, not so newlyweds!
The newlyweds!
My cousin Michelle, her little one Emma and Caleb reading a story
Grandpa and his new Heelan gear, seemed to be the theme for Christmas gifts this year!
Caleb's new shirt!
Adrienne got a doodlepro which is a HUGE hit. We've had the small ones forever that the kids just love but this new one, it amazing!
Caleb and cousin Karigan!

In this pic I realized we have the exact same eye color but then I went and converted it to BW silly! I love it thou! Love you Joe!

The treat table, I couldn't even get it all in my frame!!!!!
Miss Emma is 6 days younger than Adrienne. I really enjoyed hanging out with her, she really developed the cutest personality.
Daddy and his little mini me!

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