Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Beware...these are not in order!! I am too tired to put them in order, so bare with this post!

Friday after Thanksgiving, Village Pointe Shopping Center has a tree lighting ceremony and parade. So we headed out there for some fun! We didn't know what the kids would think. Adrienne surprisingly didn't want to have anything to do with it. She just wanted to sit in her stroller! Ugh, she was a grumpy pants! Anyway we had a blast and plan on making this an annual event! After the parade Caleb wanted a picture with Captain hook. I was super surprised as he usually isn't like that, but he even got to shake his hook and loved it!

We went with the in-laws and Jamie, Syd and Salem. Here is Jamie and Syd just after the tree's so pretty! We love the huge bulbs!!

Salem stayed cozy in her stroller and was perfect!
All the kids!
We go to Jerry and Lou's for the NU vs. CO game every year and this year it was full of 5 great grandkids who were very loud and obnoxious!!! Luckily we didn't stay too long and NU won which was great!! Here's Grandma and Adrienne about ready to dig into all the yummy grub!
Grandma and Salem :-)
Easton....he's getting so big!! You'll remember him from my photog blog :-) Such a cutie and a wonderful baby!
Thanksgiving in Omaha!!

We decided to stay in Omaha this year. It was nice to not have to travel but still weird. We went over to the in-laws and the kids had a blast. Here they are all playing hte piano together. They sang, ABCs and Jingle Bells and then they were on to new things.

Syd and her favorite Uncle TJ!
Adrienne playing with Jamie and Great Aunt Kathy
Syd's new do :-)
Adrienne thinks she has to take care of Salem....she's quite the mother!
I swear this girl is all about driving me nuts...could she just look at the camera and not make weird faces!!!!!
Salem is crawling away and just learned to pull herself up, shortly we will have 4 walking grandkids...oh boy!

Dancing to Christmas songs with Grandma....check out Syd...soo funny!

Sydney just LOVES Caleb and was soo excited to see him. Her voice is as sweet as she is. "Caleb you come over to my house to play, I love you Caleb"
The kids playing around in Adrienne's room.....can you tell they are saying cheese. Can't wait till we are over that stage and we just smile, just smile!

Bath, pj's, popcorn, milk and a movie!
This was before the movie, caught them reading books side by side. I loved Caleb's no butt and Adrienne's chunky butt!
She just doesn't do it to me, she does it to everyone, I guess that makes me feel a little better!

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