Monday, May 10, 2010

The bad and lots of good in April....

Thought I'd start with the not so great of April. Actually the worst experience I've ever had. We We just getting home one day and Adrienne starting going up the stairs. Instead of walking, she decided that jumping on her knees was fun. After telling her to stop and hold the railing she continued to do so. Unbeknownst to me, as I had turned around to get laundry, only 3 seconds later to hear her falling down the stairs. She was laying flat on her face and started screaming. I know the scream, the scream where she's gonna lose her breathe. So I turned her over and put her in my lap and started screaming her name. She was hyperventilating, I was freaking out. She went completely limp and arms went above her shoulders and she literally had no life in her. Her eyes rolls back and she started shaking, like a minor seizure. I was bawling and screaming at her to wake up. For about 5 seconds I literally thought she was dead. She gasped for one breath and her eyes started to flutter back open. I sat her up, and she had no idea where she was, she was still opening and shutting her eyes and her breathing was very off. I carried her upstairs and she started crying again, when I layed her down she was still feeling really weird, to me and her. She told me her back and head hurt for about 10 mins. I just kept talking to her and asking her questions, hoping it was all over and she was seriously injured or had a serious problem. Although the actual experience downstairs was maybe 2 mins. it felt like 20. I was a wreck. Called TJ bawling and then called her doctor. They told us to go straight to the ER. So we did. After a clear cat scan and lots of questions, we were sent home. The rest of the week was very hard, I slept in her room 2 nights and for days couldn't go downstairs without sobbing my eyes out. This is her second head trama that sent us to the ER, crazily in the same exact spot. So needless to say she's been more attached to me and we've been giving each other lots of lovings :-)

Adrienne: "Mom I need you to help me count my flowers."
Me:" Ok Adrienne, come on over and I can help you start. "
Adrienne: "No mom, I already counted there's 7!"
Me: "OMG did you just count and write that?"
Adrienne:"Yea mom I did!"
Me: super excited dance!

Adrienne always had a hard time with her letters and numbers and still doesn't know a few letters, and definitely does not know how to write them. So needless to say we were excited! She's too cute!

We went to Kidzexplore this year and I wasn't impressed. It was fun to get out and do something different but no really worth it.

They favorite was the slide and the ponies!

Too cute, everyone loves little Salem :-)
Made it to PE 101 a couple times. Shelley came to play with us this time and Adrienne was all over that!

I let the kids take some pictures, although I haven't downloaded those.

We're really glad it's MAY!!!! Although some wonderful moments in April, the bad one kind of overshadowed the rest. We're ready for warm weather and lots of park time :-)

Trains, bikes and bubbles...

Caleb's birthday was a super fun and busy day. TJ had to go to work (big project to finish!) so I took the kids to the Durham and we had a blast. And if you want to know why we go to the Durham, this is it....

to watch this model train coming zooming through the tunnel, they they race it to the other side and back and again. They just love it!
One of my favorite parts of the museum is the floor right when you get off the elevator. It's a map of the city and Caleb is standing on our house :-)
The tram is easily one of Adrienne's favorites...she runs up and down and screams ha...

They always lean out the windows to watch the big train bell sound...
Then a REAL train came by which was awesome! Caleb was thrilled. We've actually never seen a real one go by here so this was super exciting!
In the model train area, they have a little town set up and this is one of my favorites to look at. I always find things I didn't see the previous time. I love this picture I captured of the church.
Oh the well, it provides lots of entertainment and the occasional fight of whose turn it is!

Caleb made me take a picture of this because it looks like Doc Hudson from CARS :-)
And then I made him sit next to the four haha!

When we got home daddy was home and he had Caleb's present all ready. He got a bike with a CARS helmet. He was thrilled so we went outside for some serious biking and bubbles! When Caleb and dad were busy pumping tires I grabbed some cute ones of Adrienne!

I think the kids could do bubbles all day!

I LOVE IT!! I actually have a picture of Caleb when he was 2 doing the exact same thing. I may have to do a bubble wall in his room!
Her face is awesome!

So I had no idea that there were 12 inch and 16 inch bikes and we probably should have investe din a 12 inch a couple years ago for him because he's having a hard time figuring out his bike. Poor kid didn't get much coordination, but I'm sure he'll get the hang of it once all this rain goes away. He really loves it! We're looking into getting Adrienne a 12 inch, but I have no doubt she'll master it before Caleb does ha!

Dad entertained Adrienne while I was helping Caleb and she was cackling, it was hilarious!
She also got her chance to check out Caleb's bike :)
Didn't want to be left out :-)
Heading to check out the pond, love this!
We ended the day with TGI Friday's and a stop at Auntie Shel Bell's. It was a great day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Easter & Caleb's Bday Party!

I'm thoroughly frustrated with blogger. These are taking forever to download. I have about 100 pics to upload and it just isnt' going to happen. Maybe if it rains tomorrow :-(

Anyway, my little man turned 4 on April 16!! I'm still totally overwhelmed and want him to stop growing already!! He really loves being 4 and we had a great get together with family and friends. Here he is in his new "running" outfit. Daddy got it for him and he asks to wear it every single day. We're training them early!

I didn't even try for another picture because I know I'd just get another crazy face from her!

He's so darn cute! He got new CARS glasses from us and he did this when someone told him to turn around.

Mr. TJ enjoyed the party too :-)

We spent Easter here this year so all the kids could play together and they had a blast as you will see. Easter was out at Dale and Nancy's acreage in Bennington so lots of space to run :-)

After finding all the eggs, she laid down on her back for about 15 mins...I think she was tired ha!
Sweet sweet Salem..she had so much fun too!
Oh Easton's smile just makes me melt, it was his 1st bday on Easter and he was having a ball!

This is as good as it gets with these 3...from left to right they are 2, 4, 3 and if little Salem would have gotten in she's 1....they have so much fun together!
Racing to get the eggs! I think they all made out pretty well!