Saturday, February 27, 2010

February has been a blur....

Seriously where did it go? Well maybe I know. It's been crazy around here.

Caleb started Kindermusik a few weeks ago and just LOVES it! His teacher is amazing and I am so glad he is enjoying his first class away from mom. It's bittersweet!

He had to make an instrument for his next class. So I told him before his nap to dream about what he wanted to make. He ran out after his nap so excited "Mom I want to make a trumpet!" Really child, a trumpet. I mean you couldn't pick an easier one! I was thinking shakers, maracas, drum, even a guitar I know how to make but really a trumpet!

So I had to find a tutorial on the internet and then we gathered all the stuff needed for it. See Grandma Hills my very large collection of toilet paper and paper towel rolls really do come in handy :-)
Last week was Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday (day before Ash Wednesday/Lent), so we make Mardi Gras pancakes. The kids had fun putting the colors in and mixing them, until Adrienne decided to try it get dark blue food coloring all over herself and realizing it wasn't frosting was very disappointing haha!
I love this pic!
I always make cinnamon/vanilla so they are tasty without syrup but because it was Fat Tuesday they'll delved into the syrup and each ate 4 pancakes. We had a ton extra and the kids ate them for breakfast and dinner the next day!
We did tons of Valentine's activities and had a blast. The kids put stickers on the windows. I clearly need to invest in window clings because scrapping theses off was not fun!
Target had mailboxes in their dollar bins so I picked these up and the kids got to decorate them. They really loved it and played with them and gave each other things. They even got to decorate some for their cousins!
These were the Valentine's they gave out. I do not like box valentine's, I mean DO NOT LIKE! So I created a wallet photo card and tied it to mini-M & M's. So cute and the kids loved handing them out!
I have officially mastered my sugar cookie recipe. We didn't give many out as you will see below but everyone that ate them told me I should sell them haha! They really are amazing and so glad I stuck through the 5 batches to get it right. This was also my first attempt at royal icing which I clearly need to work on. It was a little running and the kids made every single one of these so obviously they are messy, but none the less delicious!
Caleb LOVED decorating them, so he helped me with a second batch when Adrienne got he boot for licking too many cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I promise I fixed her hair after this picture, they really had just woken up from a nap. See her finger she's going to go lick the frosting. Oh my difficult child, you could tell her a million times and she'd still do it. After this TJ took her away to play so that we could finish and at least have a few without licks to give away!

They are even delicious alone....we made so many!

Although we had some fun activities and got out a lot at the beginning of the month, it's been a very rough end of the month. I had outpatient surgery last Friday, only to wake up on Sat. night to find out Adrienne was seriously sick. Monday she was diagnosed with pneumonia and Caleb followed her shortly. We are so ready to get out of the house and see people and feel the sun!!!!

TJ and I both started boot camps, I started kettlebells and TJ started cross fit. We both really like them, although are trying to figure out our schedules so we can both go 3 times a week and figure out how we are going to afford it haha! It's been so nice to get out of the house and get a few workouts this week, I'm really enjoying it!

Is it spring yet? I am enjoying the little 30's warm up we're having. I hope it lasts and just continues to get warmer :-) I can actually see a little bit of grass yeah! We hope you are all enjoying this little warm up and staying healthy. It's been a rough month so we are sooo ready for MARCH!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MIA this blog has been neglected to say the least! Sorry! These are from January and last week. Most winters are very boring and we don't do much but boy have we been busy. Many play dates, meetings, prayer groups, work, etc. have filled up our days.

I decided to try shrimp again with the kids. They have never been too fond of seafood but Caleb loved it. He even commented that he liked how spicy it was. This is one of my favorite dinners, spicy shrimp, couscous and sugar snap peas....delish!

Adrienne and her strawberrys, she has to poke her finger through and eat them. She was being a goof!

We had Alex and Maria over during one of the many ridiculous snow days OPS had this year. They had a blast and of course were mad when it ended!!!
Another snow day, unfortunately we live at the top of a hill and if we leave we would never get back. So we were stuck in the house a few too many days, as you can see Caleb isn't too happy to have his sister around all the time.
Our friend Jen is expecting little Springroll anyday now. This was her shower a few weeks ago. You can check out her maternity pics here.
My bro Joe played at CBTJ a few weeks ago. Adrienne lovin' on her Grandma!
It always takes Adrienne awhile to get used to people. Once she sees them again she's usually fine. So when Jody asked for a hug right when we got there, she wasn't haven't it. After the game though it was another story. She would leave Jody...too cute! (Jody is my best friend Jenny's little sister, basically my little sis)
She finally went to Michelle by the end of the night too!
P is for Penguin!

We are all back together! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO! Out celebrating Jen's 28th. We had a blast, can't wait to do it again!!

We've been doing "Muffin Tin Mondays" for the last couple months but of course keep forgetting to link them up and post pics for that matter. They love this and normally eat everything on their plate. BTW...this was for ABC's & 123's,

1 hot dog
2 cheese sticks
3 strawberries
A is for apples
B is for beans
C is for Cherry yogurt
They are quite excited when they realize it's Muffin Tin Monday

We got to go to Pump It Up with some friends, and the kids took awhile to get used to it. It took them quite awhile to be able to do them by themselves but they finally went down the slides by themselves and we cheered and cheered! I'll post a video below!

We had another playdate at Backyard Adventures...OMG so much fun! Caleb found a little friend named Claire who he has talked about ever since and Adrienne loved trying everything! We may just have to invest in one!
I rarely get my nice camera out for pics around the house or to take on play dates anymore so I whipped it out for a few shots of the kids. Many people have asked why my images are so white. Well I use all natural light and when you have 3 feet of snow to bounce off of, it's very white.

I think Caleb gains a pound or two in his cheeks in the winter...what a goof!

Adrienne was being super silly at breakfast one morning( one morning the sun was actually out!!!!) So a snapped a few of her!