Friday, March 5, 2010

John Mayer :-)

Oh John Mayer, we've been waiting for you!!!

Joe was my date for the night, LOVE HIM! He really is the coolest kid I've ever had the pleasure of being in my life!! I'm so happy I was able to get him a ticket and take him!! We had soooo much fun and the concert was AMAZING! Music is seriously my first love (before photography!) and I have huge appreciate and love for people who write their own lyrics and music. John Mayer is one of them, his guitar skills and lyrics are absolutely incredible. If I purchase a CD or concert tickets it's to an original artist who sits down and writes and plays everything on their CD.

My date and I :-) Eating pizza at Farrell's, probably one of the best pizza I've ever had, Buffalo Chicken pizza, yea you heard that right....go it...thank me later!

BTW...I look horrible in these pictures, I've had a sinus thing for weeks and I was pretty miserable, so excuse the paleness and red nose :-(

My bro's and I :-)
Michael Franti & The Spearhead opened up for them. We didn't know who he was and were really not that excited to see him, but he was super fun. It's kind of reggae, hip hop, guitarish. Hard to explain but it was a blast! He was all over and had a great band. He came a few rows above us on the other side of our section and sang his most popular song, apparently on the Top 20 :-)

Then came Johnny Boy...the back was a screen so we got to see him super up close, it was so awesome! I"m really not a big fan of concert pics unless your front row with your $3000 camera, but my little ps camera is pretty darn good far away and I love him so I'm gonna post them anyway :-)
Even cooler BW!

A little whistling.....

Brady let us sit in his seats that were closer on the side, so I got a little better pic.

And my favorite image of the's horrible quality but I LOVE the grain and the mood, sooo stinkin' coooooool!!!!
This was his encore. He came out and they rolled this screen back around and projected him on it while he was singing on the stage, you can see him really small at the bottom. It was pretty cool. I loved his lighting and screens!
He really is an amazing artist ( I say artist, as his personal life is a little much for me, so I wore my Jessica Simpson shoes just to stick it to him haha!!!!!!)! And a night on the town to hear music is always a good time!! Hopefully I'll get some videos posted soon :-)

Caleb & the Ogres

When I got home this morning from boot camp, Caleb was sitting at the table with his head in his hands and looked really sad...

Me: "Caleb, what's wrong?"
Caleb: "I did not have a good nap."
Me: " Why not?"
Caleb: "Because the ogres made me skerred."
Me: "Why were the ogres scary?"
Caleb: "They were starring at me and I could hear their noises."
Me: "What did it sound like?"
Caleb: "Doot doot....doot, doot....oooooooooo it was soo scary (shaking)."

Dang Shrek!