Friday, April 9, 2010

March :-)

My nieces both celebrated birthdays in March so we had lots of fun with them. We had them over for dinner and brownie sundays. Soo much fun! Salem was just about ready to walk...

Sydney being silly!

Then we went to their big bday party and Adrienne decided to give Great Grandma some lovin's. We were all surprised!

Easton went to town on his cupcake :-)

Happy 1st Bday Salem!

Happy 3rd Bday Sydney!

She is so darn cute, love her to pieces!

Seriously, I can never get a good picture with her, she NEVER looks!

Just before the party, showin off their sweet outfits!

I took my nice camera out for some playtime and got some super cute pics of the kids playing. I love this one of Caleb, he is getting so old :-(

I CANNOT believe I got one of them both looking AND smiling! I see hope in our future....

Caleb just adores his bike now. We asked him if he wanted a bike for his birthday, like a real bike with training wheels and he said "NO I have a real bike, my motorcycle!" Alright dude!

I had no idea he was going to do this. I was actually going to take a picture of him and his chalk drawing when he stood up and busted some moves. OMG! I was so glad I caught it all. He is a dancing fool and I just love it!

Nice washcloth tactic...she's a pro had hiding her private :-) I was practicing taking pics with my nice camera in my bathroom without using my flash. HORRIBLE lighting in there! But I did get a few good ones.

After nap bed head face :-)

Fake sleeping with dad, they crack me up!
I LOVE this! It's been awhile since we had a pick together. But I also took it because of my new do. I really love the color but the cut is starting to wear on me. It's cute just so hard to manage with my curly mop. We'll see if I keep it!
We went to PE101 a couple Saturday's ago. WOW was it fun! The kids are finally able to do most things by themselves so I'm not chasing them around like mad. It was a BLAST!
Park playdate with Maria and Alex.....sooooo fun!

He is just the sweetest!
I have to bring my nice camera next time to take pics like this. This just didn't turn out that great :-(

EASTER COOKIES....we're starting to figure out a routine with cookies which is nice. I watched Caleb who can really do them by himself now. Then it was Adrienne's turn with Dad. We have such a small kitchen that it's really hard to do them together and I think Adrienne likes the one-on-one. She gets too distracted with too many people. They all turned out great and got rave revues. She also didn't touch a single if you got one you can beware that there were no Adrienne germs on them :-)
He just loves making cookies and he was so proud that he did them all by cute!

So I bought a pack of easter cut outs and this was one of them...ha....I emmediately took this pic and sent it to my dad. Easter cookie or blue bunny cookie? We agreed BB!
We took the kids to Disney on Ice. Kind of regretted it. It was a little old for the kids. Caleb LOVED it and cried leaving, but Adrienne was scared most of the time and sat on TJ's lap :-( TJ and I really enjoyed it!
There's only 2 pics because my camera died....FIRST TIME EVER!!! I'm normally extremely prepared oops!
TJ buzzed Caleb's head and we LOVE it!! It was quite the shock at first but I know it's going to be so nice for the summer! Doesn't he look so old!!!


The Herrigs said...

great pics the outdoor ones of your cute...hope you are doing well

Courtney @ splashing grace said...

love all your March pictures!

Laura @ said...

Your kids are so beautiful, Lindsay! I love their spirit that you caught in your photos of them. I really loved the sidewalk chalk ones!

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