Sunday, May 9, 2010

Easter & Caleb's Bday Party!

I'm thoroughly frustrated with blogger. These are taking forever to download. I have about 100 pics to upload and it just isnt' going to happen. Maybe if it rains tomorrow :-(

Anyway, my little man turned 4 on April 16!! I'm still totally overwhelmed and want him to stop growing already!! He really loves being 4 and we had a great get together with family and friends. Here he is in his new "running" outfit. Daddy got it for him and he asks to wear it every single day. We're training them early!

I didn't even try for another picture because I know I'd just get another crazy face from her!

He's so darn cute! He got new CARS glasses from us and he did this when someone told him to turn around.

Mr. TJ enjoyed the party too :-)

We spent Easter here this year so all the kids could play together and they had a blast as you will see. Easter was out at Dale and Nancy's acreage in Bennington so lots of space to run :-)

After finding all the eggs, she laid down on her back for about 15 mins...I think she was tired ha!
Sweet sweet Salem..she had so much fun too!
Oh Easton's smile just makes me melt, it was his 1st bday on Easter and he was having a ball!

This is as good as it gets with these 3...from left to right they are 2, 4, 3 and if little Salem would have gotten in she's 1....they have so much fun together!
Racing to get the eggs! I think they all made out pretty well!


led lights said...

nice posting keep blogging

Anonymous said...

awww god bless you and your family im so glad everything turned out okay

Anonymous said...

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